Project Details

Location:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Client:     OMERS / A.I.M. / Oxford Properties Group / 20 VIC Management
Size: 148,640 sq.m.
Year:  2006
Architect of Record: MMC International Architects Ltd.

2005 ICSC Maple Leaf Award
2006 ICSC International SADI Award
2006 ICSC International Design and Development Award
2006 ICSC International Award for Sustainable Design


Project & Design Architect, MMC International Architects Ltd.
Interior Design, RDG Planning & Design

Project Description

Yorkdale Shopping Centre is the premier shopping centre in Canada. The project consisted of the expansion and retrofit of an existing abandoned department store into a new retail addition.  The focus was on fashion and in particular those fashion tenants that would be able to merchandise through two levels.  High tenant storefronts such as Zara and H&M soar over 40ft. (14m.) above the mall. The storefronts were carefully controlled through the tenant criteria to create a high street image. Many stores took the opportunity to design two level facades behind a single level store presentation.  A landmark of the Centre is a 'hung glass' galleria supported by a structural system above the glass on the main mall. This creates an open and transparent image to the skylight when viewed from below and reinforces the 'high street' image of the mall.  Specialty lighting designed by LPA in Tokyo created a dramatic night-time image.